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Read About Me In Other Places

"CBS Sunday Morning" March 26, 2017

Huffington Post. July 19, 2016. "The Sycophant of Syncopation."

June 4, 2016: Denver's ABC10 Talks to "the guy who runs the Payphone Project"

Reading Into The Future

"Seven years before Facebook, nine years before Twitter, there was"

LA Times. November 24, 2014.
"The Payphone Project has ... been heralded by AT&T as the definitive site chronicling the phones' decline."

Featured Artist, The Artistic Blog. May 28, 2015
"Mark Thomas is a classical pianist and artist who lives and works in New York city. His web sites have been featured by the New York Times, the BBC, the Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, and numerous other media outlets."

Hebrew School

"Few destinations on the web are as dependably satisfying as Queens resident Mark Thomas’s"

New York Times. May 13, 2004
"It started as an art project." 

Transformations: Identity Construction In Contemporary Culture
"One of the oddest examples of expansionary individualism, the extreme version..." 

Random Brushes With Humanity. St. Pete Times.
"He has always been about communication, says his mother, Carole Thomas of Tampa. 'He was able to sing in his crib. Then I didn't know all babies didn't sing.'"

Listen To Me On The BBC
"Jumping down the line. Crashing into so many different lives, different stories."


Columbia News Service
"Thomas, a soft-spoken, 34-year-old classical pianist, is the self-appointed poet of the pay phone."

Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram
"Mark Thomas was building Web sites before most people even knew what a personal computer was."

A Ringing Endorsement. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
"Yet, every once and again, a brave soul steps into the gap of danger and endeavors to touch people at random. This is best done by telephone. Take it from Mark Thomas."

Missoulian: An Age Of Constant Cell Contact
"It began, in some ways, with Thomas watching talk show host David Letterman call a pay phone located outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York during his show and seeing which passer-by would pick up the receiver."

The Lede: A New York Times Blog.
"Inconvenience may make our blood boil, but it’s inspiration that stirs the heart and demands that fans pay respects before pay phones are relegated to pop culture history."

 New York Times. May 14, 1998.
"Somewhere there's a pay phone ringing, thanks to Mark Thomas."

Listen To Me On NPR's Marketplace
"I love the smell of a filthy payphone."

RSS Music and Sounds Heard Through Payphoness

  • Cemetery Cat.
  • Mercy
  • Three Women
  • Cloudy Sky Over Calvary Cemetery
  • Lights
  • Chair and Coffee Cup
  • Lifts
  • Rise Up
  • Vacant Billboard
  • Good Luck Pigeon

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